In the past, the IT services model has been this:

  • The computer is not working... call the "computer tech".  Reach for your pocketbook.

Technology tools are now available that didn't exist only a few years ago.  These tools enable the technology services provider to remotely administer your computer systems 24/7, and take a proactive approach to ensure that you will dramatically reduce the need for expensive emergency calls that must be performed onsite during business hours.

Have your backups completed successfully?  Has disk defragmenter run?  Have the latest security patches and software updates been installed?  Is disk space running low?  Has a malicious program been installed on one of your computers?  Do you have bad sectors on your hard disk drive?  Has there been unauthorized access to your network?  Do you need remote desktop assistance to configure a program or device?  Do you know your system's history of events and alerts?

Micro Depot now has the ability to offer peace of mind when it comes to your computer network and systems.  You'll never worry about the answers to the above questions unless it would require a critical decision.

Monthly support plans are available from Micro Depot in three levels of service... ranging from basic monitoring to full coverage support.